Chef.  Visionary.  Conservationist.

Chef Gray Kunz

A Culinary Journey from Restaurants to Sustainable Global Impact

In his latest endeavor, and as part of his commitment to help protect our natural resources, Gray introduces Goodfish, a collaborative network of international chefs working to promote ocean sustainability through research and education.

Cafe Gray Deluxe graces both Hong Kong and Shanghai

At Café Gray Deluxe Hong Kong at the Upper House and Café Gray Deluxe Shanghai at the Middle House (opening Spring 2018), the flavors of Europe, Asia and America are filtered through his highly original vision to produce a signature seasonal cuisine.

The Press

He struck me as the first European-trained chef who really understood Asian ingredients, not just as an accent, but innately. You can’t learn this. I don’t know of any other chef who has it as part of his vocabulary. You add that to his impeccable training and it gives him something that nobody else has or can compete with.

Ruth ReichlNew York Times

Gray Kunz's cutting-edge and imaginative cooking is the cuisine of a chef thoroughly trained in classic cuisine but liberated from its constraints. The complex and intriguing tastes of his creations satisfy the palate and titillate the mind.

Jacques Pépin

Armed with a classical backbone and international palate...Gray Kunz defies categorization.